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Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov

Born and raised in Moscow. As a child Ilya was very introspective and curious, he preferred playing with insects and plants to spending time and playing with other children.

Ilya studied genetics (bioengineering) and philology in Moscow. During his academic studies he was interested in art and actively worked on sketches and ideas for his future works.

Ilya also spent several months living in New York City, immersing himself in the world of contemporary art in the United States. He spent time and exchanged ideas with other young artists, and continued developing philosophy of his art and concepts of his future works.

In his works Fedotov-Fedorov  explores the theme of existential loneliness. In his view a human memory represents a result of an ongoing process of analysis, systematization and preservation of the world around us; this process as well as perception of the world is unique for every human being, which inevitably leads to the fact that it’s impossible to be completely understood by others. Ilya often uses biological materials and technics, e.g. images of ants and anthills, entomological collections, cells’ structures and biological processes.


2005-2007 – Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (bioengineering)

2007-2010 – Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (philology, journalism)

2013-2014 – School of Contemporary Art at Moscow Museum of Modern Art

2014-2015 – The Institute of Contemporary Art of Moscow

Solo exhibitions:

2016: 11.12 Gallery — «Closed systems or nothing in common with a tradigrade»(Moscow)

2016: Museum ART4 — «Collection of pink book #1» (Moscow)

2015: Umbracle the City of Arts and Sciences by Santiago Calatrava – « Metamorphosis»  (Spain, Valencia)

2015: Moscow Museum of Modern Art – « Homo sapiens solitarius» (Moscow)

2014: Gallery WEART – « Social experiment»  (Moscow)

Festivals and Biennale:

2014: Moscow International Biennale for Young Art MMOMA – special project «The boundaries of action» (Moscow)

2014: Biennale of Photography MMOMA – «Isolated Posts» (Moscow)

Group exhibitions:

2016 — Museum of Moscow — Reflect (Moscow)

2016 — Brewhouse — SCHM (Moscow)

2016 — Winery — non-official language only (Mosca)

2016 — Brewhouse — Rather than impossible (Moscow)

2016 — CSI Factory — Reference (Moscow)

2016 — Winery — Ur Sculpture. (Moscow)

2016 — Tcvetnoy market — Inside Art (Moscow)

2015 – Moscow Museum of Modern Art – «Military Museum» (Moscow)

2015 – Krasnoyarsky Museum Center – «Holiday» (Krasnoyarsk)

2015 – Art gallery «Change» – «Art Logistics» (Kazan)

2015 – Art Project «Factory» – «Development of Freedom» (Moscow)

2015 – Moscow Museum of Modern Art – «Workshop’2015. Sub observationem» (Moscow)

2015 – Art gallery «A3» – «Do better»

2014 – Art gallery «K35» – «STARTinART» (Moscow)

2014 – Art gallery on Solyanka street – «OP Research Institute» (Moscow)

2014 – Art gallery «ARTPLAY», Students art prom – «Reservation» (Moscow)

2014 – Art gallery «Ground» – «Size matters» (Moscow)

2014 – Moscow Museum of Modern Art – 2Media poetry» (Moscow)

2014 – Art gallery «Random» – «Fake» (Moscow)

2014 – Art Center «Vetoshny» – «Happiness is – Beeline» (Moscow)

2014 – Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art – «Workshop’2014» (Moscow)

2014 – All-Russian Exhibition Center – Installation for Moscow City Day

2014 – Art gallery «Tunnel» of the Academy of Strogonov – «Reservation 2» (Moscow)

2014 – Art gallery «A3» – «Fake» (Moscow)

2013 – Open Stage – «Enter» (Moscow)